Neuromuscular Reprogramming and Therapeutic Massage


In a session with me, Massage meets Fixing Inefficient Muscular Patterning and Sequencing to actually free the muscles from repetitive compensation patterns and make them work together smarter and stronger, with better coordination.  We untangle neuromuscular pathways, which have been trapped in deconstructive loops with neighboring muscles, show them the path to forgotten muscles and replace proper functioning, returning to the body, the dexterity it has been craving.  Many problems associated with pain, discomfort and weakness in the body are taken care of in this manner. Chronic muscle pain, limited range of motion, exhaustion, that feeling that something ‘just feels off’, carpal tunnel, back pain, ‘sciatica,’ frozen shoulder, confused joint function are only some of the conditions that can be relieved. This method brings alignment to joints, better sequencing to muscle coordination and more efficient movement. This can result in a new awakening to the body and undo layers of compensation patterns developed over the years. Reprogramming muscles that have been previously ‘unavailable’ in specific movement positioning, coordination and function is a subtle and profound relief. It is possible that some people, contemplating surgery, could simply need
some reorganization of the neuromuscular patterning and find liberation. This work complements Pilates and Physical Therapy beautifully, as well as most physical activity or rehabilitation. If there is a muscular function found ‘unavailable’ or difficult to access through physical exercise or movement, NMR can weave it back in to the patterning and expedite physical training and more efficient movement.


Each session is like detective work. The body’s intelligence has so many ways of formulating muscular sequencing solutions to answer the call of movement. If a muscle is ‘inhibited,’ and/or in pain due to overuse, injury or something else, the motor control center of the brain (which choreographs muscle coordination) will find a neighboring or bracing muscle to replace the function of the injured muscle. This replacement is not ideal but it’s better than nothing. The body will go on with this replacement compensation until it can’t and/or becomes more painful, and the body intelligence will find yet another pathway to achieve the movement. This Can go on for years wearing away joint tissue due to imbalanced muscle coordination.  Often, it is not priority for the motor control center to find the original muscle sequence and bring it back into the pattern. This is because it has already found a solution–the compensation.

Through NMR, we use muscle testing to make the motor control center (MCC) aware that there are inhibited muscles. We don’t know which ones they are going to be, so the detective work begins! Each body has its unique story. To discover that muscles and function that have been experienced as weak or painful, have actually
been inhibited and can once again be woven back into the patterning is very exciting. Movement becomes lighter, easier, stronger, more efficient and pain free. After reprogramming the sequencing of the muscles, the effects of therapeutic massage are now longer lasting because the patterns have been changed and the tight muscles can actually release because they are no longer forced to be a part of a bracing pattern.

What about the Fluff?

Massage offers many important functions important to vitality and health. Giving yourself quiet time to simply relax, listen, feel nurtured is calming to your nervous system. A calm nervous system is necessary for healing. It is not just fluff; it is beneficial for rejuvenating and stabilizing your energy and well being. After and during an NMR session, integrating massage into the session helps the muscles to relax and let go even further. I am also happy to simply give you a pure relaxing, therapeutic massage, if that is what you prefer and not blend in the NMR.