I have been practicing massage since 1999. Throughout my career, I have continued to learn techniques that help to relieve the body of  pain and discomfort and bring the body liberation and ease.  By  optimizing the body’s potential for efficient movement, through Neuromuscular Reprogramming and Massage, we can alleviate and relieve painful and restrictive issues, including carpal tunnel, chronic neck, back, hip and shoulder issues, limited range of motion, and facilitate rotational ability, including scoliosis patterns by teaching and/or re-teaching the brain and body to use the muscles that were meant to be used: rather than the compensation patterns it has developed over time.  Improving efficiency in muscular sequencing and coordination also works to enhance athletic performance, balance and hastens rehabilitation! Another benefit is that more neuromuscular efficiency brings more calm to the nervous system, aiding in our quest for experiencing peace and balance within.

This work is not folded into the medical system but is healing in nature and effective.  Healing is a process and a journey, we are each unique.  How long will it take depends on our intention and what the issue  is at hand.   These healing methods have been practiced and have evolved through time. Unfortunately, medical insurance does not cover most of this type of therapy but I keep my prices very competitive.  Everyday I learn more and apply what I know to who is on my table. I ask the question why is the body doing this, not what is the name of the ‘ailment,’ because in the why we can find answers. There is a reason the body developed ‘carpal tunnel syndrome’ and the crick in the neck and there is a way out of it.  The body is intelligent and capable of change, if we give it a compelling reason.  This work gives the body a reason to change.

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