Be In Touch -Massage studio in Sausalito, California is conveniently located for people living in and traveling through San Francisco, Marin County, as well as the greater Bay Area.

...a quick hello

I have been practicing massage in Marin since 1997, beginning in Mill Valley, and moved my practice to Sausalito in 2007. Throughout my career as a Massage Therapist in Marin, I have been continuing to learn techniques that relieve the body of pain and discomfort and bring more peace. By optimizing the body’s potential for efficient movement, we can work to alleviate many kinds of painful issues, including carpal tunnel, migraine headaches, chronic neck, back and hip issues. (This also works to improve athletic performance!) If you want specific pain relief, stress relief, or just a relaxing hour to revitalize, recharge and experience more peace, make an appointment to receive a massage in Sausalito and give yourself time to breathe and to simply..feel good

Specializing in Swedish-Esalen, Deep Tissue, Neuro-Muscular Reprogramming, Reiki, Aromatherapy, Reflexology